Records of the Ontario congregations of the Ottawa Presbytery are housed at the City of Ottawa Archives in Ottawa, Ontario.


There is a listing of Marriage, Baptism and Burial Registers which have been deposited in the Montreal & Ottawa Conference collection at the Ottawa City Archives. This listing includes pre-1925 registers of congregations which joined the United Church of Canada as well as those for congregations which were formed after 1925. Registers which are still in local churches are not included in this listing.


The Montreal & Ottawa Conference collection at the Ottawa City Archives has other sources of information on baptisms, marriages and burials which are not listed here. These include annual reports, Session minutes, Communion and Historic rolls.


Contacts:  Marni Hunt-Stephens


Tel: 613-580-2424, ext. 39745

Fax: 613-580-2614


Records of the Quebec congregations of the Ottawa Presbytery are housed at the Archives Nationales du Quebec in Montreal, Quebec.


Contact Person: Beverly Anderson-Levine, Archivist

(Tuesday and Wednesday 1:00 - 4:00)


Tel: 514-873-6000

Fax: 514-873-2980  or

Tel: 514-634-7015 ext. 28

Fax: 514-634-2489


Help wanted


The Nominations Ministry Team is looking for a project coordinator for the review of church records that will take place on a Saturday in late February 2018.  This task involves contacting (usually by email) the 17 pastoral charges that need to bring in their records (minutes plus record books) to this February review. Contact information as well as background sheets have been prepared. The coordinator would also reserve the location for the review (proposals are available from the presbytery office). The coordinator will oversee the activities on the review day but the Nominations Ministry Team will find the persons who will conduct the review of the various documents.  This position is open to presbyters or anyone in a pastoral charge. For more information please contact Barbara Reynolds.  613-836-1115 or


The following pastoral charges are scheduled to bring in records for review in February 2018.








Glebe-St. James








North Gower




Archives tip:   When preparing United Church of Canada records to be submitted to and stored in the City of Ottawa Archives, please ensure that records are out of binders and put into neatly labelled folders. Space at the Archives is at a premium and binders take up too much space.